Meeting Minutes Mon 4/29


President Report (Bill)


  • Prior meeting minutes are on line.   There were no corrections or questions.  Motion to accept made by Bishop/2nd Dinsmore, all in attendance approved.

  • Treasury report by Frank,  current balance as of 4/29 was $4,029.01.   Motion to accept made by Tony/2ndDickinson, all in attendance approved.

  • Monday 5/13 is our final meeting and is the business meeting.   Membership dues in the amount of $93 are required.  Paying by check please make it out to Adirondack Baseball Umpire Association (ABAU)

  • For financial situations, please discuss directly with Frank.   Remember there is a 425 late fee if not paid within 30 days of last meeting.

  • Members are allowed to be inactive for 1 season

  • Those who are interested and qualify for the varsity exam, please coordinate with Patrick/Matt.

  • 2 year board seat elections takes place on 5/13.  Bill is not going to run another term.  Mark G is running for Pres,  Mark. Z for Sec and Frank for Treas.   As of 5/12, No other members are running for these positions.  The only vote will be for the vacant VP position.   Connor Hoagland and Kevin Lingel are running for this spot (both of whom spoke a few minutes each at last meeting)

  • Ron from the state is trying to have in place 3 or 4 vendors for uniforms.  Be careful when ordering on line or at local distributors to ensure they meet the state requirements.   Uniform (shirts/pants) model #’s can be located on state website link within our web page.

  • If any of us our found not to be wearing the correct uniforms,  the state may impose a fine to the umpire and/or organization.

  • Remember,  both umpires must be in same color.   If one partner is wearing a blue jacket, the other umpire must also be in blue.  Cannot have home plate ump in red/light blue or black, while the plate umpire is in navy blue jacket.

  • Part II test is now closed and was not required if passed Part 1.

  • Summer Ball Assignors (Mark G: Queensbury/Glens Falls/Warrensburgh Butch:  Washington County games/Tri County Middle League and Fred S: Moreau/Wilton/Saratoga.   Contact them if you are interested in being assigned summer ball games in those respective areas.

  • Mark G and Connor will have a 3 man positioning session before sectionals.  More details to be provided on 5/13


Interpreter time (Paul)

  • Appeal,  runner missing a base can be verbal by player or coach.  It is very important for both partners to watch tags at all bases and know the responsibility of tagging situations.   Remember the sign for double tag is “closed fist to closed fist”

  • Batter getting hit by pitch in the batter’s box.   If hit over the strike zone it is a strike.  Umpire judgement if intentionally tries to get hit by pitch.   Connor explained well by stating the intent is not to allow a batter to “steal” 1st base.  A batter flinching or turning to avoid a pitch is not considered to trying to get hit by the ball. 

  • If a batter swings at a pitch and gets hit by ball.  The call is a strike and batter remains in the box.

  • Batter interfering on a stolen base.  He must be out of the batter’s box and the catcher must attempt to make a throw for possible interference to be awarded.   If there is no attempt to throw , there is no penalty.


Assignor (Dick)

  • We have had to reach out a few times to Schenectady chapter for help.  The weather cancelations, causing many games on same day as well losing a few members since the start of the season make us very thin.  Please continue to let Dick know if you become available for a date you originally were not available.



  • A group discussion in regarding to having a new candidate training day(s) in the fall and the potential new members could have field exposures not available in late winter/early spring.  They would also have rules book the entire winter to read, become aware of the rules.   This is an excellent idea and the board will pursue.   We need to come up with ideas for soliciting new members to replace those that leave, are inactive or retire from officiating.


50/50 was won by Keith Garner for $22