Two Man Mechanics

Base Runners             U1 Pos.     U1 Responsibility                           PU Responsibility

No Runners On               A            all plays on BR at 1st 2nd 3rd      assist w/touches of bases,BR at HP

R1                                    B            all plays at 1st 2nd                   1st play on R1 at 3rd

R1 and R2                         C            all plays at 1st, 2nd, 3rd                stays home/All touches of 3rd & HP

R1, R2 and R3                 C            all plays at bases                             all plays at plate
( B w/3/2/2 count)

R1 and  R3                        B            all plays at 1st or 2nd                    R3 touching plate, first play on R1 at third

R2                                      C           all plays on bases                            R2 touching 3rd, all plays at plate

R2 and R3                       C             all plays on bases                            all plays at plate

R3                                     C            all plays on bases                           all plays at plate
(B if RHH)