What’s The Call?
CF(Smith) is not hitting. Has a DH(Jones). The DH(Jones) gets on base. The CF(Smith) comes in to run for him. This is not an entry as he is in the same place in the lineup. Next time through the original DH(Jones)re enters to his spot in the lineup to hit. If he gets on base the CF(Smith) can now re enter for the first time and therefore pinch run for the same person twice. Is this Legal?



As crazy as this sounds it’s legal. I will try my best to explain.
1. In the situation above, the CF (Smith) has a DH(Jones) hitting for him in the 5th spot in the batting order.

2. Each of them are starters and every starter may leave the game and re enter once each.

3. When the DH (Jones) gets on base and (Smith ) pinch runs for him , the DH role is now eliminated and Smith will now bat for himself and play CF.

4. When Jones pinch hits the next at bat for Smith it will be the first time Jones re enters the game. Jones is now the new CFer and bats.

5. The next time Smith re enters for Jones it will be Smith’s first time re entering the game and Smith will now go back and play CF and Bat. Jones is now done for the game.

6. Keep in mind that the DH role is eliminated when the DH goes in to play Defense OR if the CF ( or any player being DHed for bats or pinch runs.

7. This situation can only happen if the two players stay in the same batting position.
8. I hope I explained this so everyone understands.
It is a legal substitution that seems crazy but it is legal.
If anyone has a question please feel free to reach out and I will be happy to explain. It is being brought up because a coach plans on doing this and we have confirmed it is ok.