1. The PDH must be listed on the lineup before pregame meeting.
  2. The PDH can not be added after pregame meeting.
  3. The PDH can ONLY be the DH once removed from the mound.
  4. The PDH can not play ANY defensive position once removed from the mound.Common Lineup Card Situations

Coaches will now have 3 options at game time – no DH, the Federation DH, or this new option.
This option has to be declared at game start, or the umpires will assume that no DH is being
The lineup card must list the player as P/DH for this rule to be in effect, and cannot be changed
once the lineup card is turned in to the umpire


If the P/DH is removed from the game as a pitcher, he may remain in the game as a DH, or be
removed from the game.  If removed from the game, then a substitute must fill that slot in the
batting order.  This substitute could be the new pitcher, or a defensive player, possibly
occupying the position of the second pitcher. If the starting pitcher is removed from the
mound, but remains in the game as the DH, and a position player becomes the second pitcher,
then still a defensive player will be needed, off the bench.  This substitute will occupy the P/DH
spot and NOT bat.
Correct, we tried to make it as simple as possible. 

If the starting P/DH is removed from the game completely, he may reenter in the same spot in
the batting order later in the game and become the DH.  The substitute occupying that slot will
be removed and ineligible to reenter.
Correct, using the re-entry rule, he can reenter as the DH but cannot return to the mound as
the pitcher.

Team A shows up at the game and elects to use the P/DH position.  In the fourth inning the
starting pitcher is removed from the mound.  The new pitcher is off the bench and the teams
only substitute.  The starting pitcher remains in the game as the DH.  The substitute pitcher is
injured and has to leave the game.  Now what?
The game will continue with the team having only 8 defensive players but nine hitters.
Similar situation, but instead of the substitute pitcher being injured, the P/DH, now just the DH
is injured.
The game will continue, with only 8 batters, but nine defensive players.  Every time the DH
position comes to bat, an out will be called.

P/DH is being used.  Can a team enter a new DH and have the starting pitcher remain on the
No, the intent of the rule is to have one person occupy the spot in the line-up, he can either
pitch and DH or just DH once removed from the mound

Can the P/DH be replaced with a new P/DH who obviously wasn't a starter.
Can a team have two DH's in the game at the same time. The standard Fielder/DH and a P/DH.
Is the P/DH limited to just the starting pitcher, or can a coach enter a second pitcher, off the
bench, and have him become the new P/DH?
This would be allowed.

The game begins with the P/DH position.  During the game, the coach tells you he is terminating
the DH role, therefore bringing it back to a straight nine line-up.  (This would allow the pitcher
to stay in the game as a defensive player.)
Not allowed.

Can the coach remove the DH position, enter a new DH and have the starting pitcher remain?
NOT be allowed.

P/DH is replaced by the starting LF therefore a sub goes in to play LF. Does that sub continue to
play LF without ever batting as long as the P/DH stays in the DH role?

Can the sub pitcher for the P/DH assume the role of the DH if a third pitcher comes in to pitch?
If the second pitcher came off the bench, the coach will have to declare if this #2 pitcher is
assuming both the P/DH spots or is he just going to be the pitcher. 

If the second pitcher came from one of the eight defensive players, then when the third pitcher
comes in the game, the coach can put this player in any spot in the line-up he wants
Is there ever a scenario where you can lose the P/DH (DH role) during the game?
Yes.  Pitcher is removed, both as P and DH.  The second pitcher comes from left field, and the
substitute goes into the batting order in place of the P/DH and plays and bats as the new left

The starting pitcher is listed as the P/DH. In the first inning, he gets a base hit, and I pinch run
for him. He re-enters the game, and pitches into the 5th inning. I then bring in a relief pitcher
for him, can he still become the DH?  The first time he was actually removed for the pinch
runner and re-entered. Does him being removed from being a P, and changing to the DH count
as him being removed from the game, or does it simply count as a position change?
Once he is pinch run for, he cannot return to the mound, he can only reenter as the DH.